Cat & Charlie | Intimate Bloedel Conservatory Wedding by Ryan Deasley

Cat and Charlie were married at Bloedel Conservatory in a small ceremony with just a few friends in attendance. With the rain coming down outside we were able to enjoy the beautiful gardens full of birds chirping and flying around. I had such a fun time hanging out with them and photographing the love of the day. 

Courtenay, BC | A Long Weekend Winter Wonderland by Ryan Deasley

On a recent long weekend my friends Naomi, Nick, Arlie and I went to visit Arlies parents on Vancouver Island. I was very excited to visit and see the area, as I'm shooting Arlie's brothers wedding there in the fall. Driving into town in the dark didn't allow for much of a view, but over the next few days at the beach and up on the mountain I was shown what makes this area so special. The fact that in a span of 30 minutes you could go from the ocean to incredible snowshoeing and skiing was amazing. 

My Favourite photos of 2016 by Ryan Deasley

After spending some time going through photos from the last year, I've decided to showcase a few of my favourite photos that I took in 2016. For me, it was a year of trying new things and building confidence in my own work. I'm very thankful for all of the people that were with me along the way and to this day drive me to succeed.


This image was taken at Whytecliffe park while on a morning photo mission with my buddy Spencer. Luck was with me on this day as the sky was a beautiful mix of pink and blue, with the tide at the perfect height for the image I had in mind. 


During the summer I assist weddings almost every weekend for another local photographer. While this has been a crucial part of my learning experience with weddings, it doesn't leave me a ton of time to hike. So, I learned to make time. Take this photo for example. My buddy Michael and I  set off to hike Mount Seymour and catch sunrise. Sounds like no problem right? Well, I was shooting a wedding the next day at 12. If this past year taught me anything, it was to not waste time, or make excuses when it comes to accomplishing my goals.

Amy and Don got married on a beautiful July day at Amy's grandparents' property in Squamish, BC.  It was the same home Amy's parents got married at , less than a week from their anniversary!  

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Buntzen Lake

On a drizzly overcast day I went out to a local photography hotspot, Buntzen Lake. While I didnt get the shot that I had originally gone out there for, I managed to get this shot which I was really happy with!


 In Mid October, Mac and Torrie tied the knot on a drizzly fall day during their short Queen Elizabeth Park wedding. Thanks to a lucky break in the rain we were able to capture some amazing colours in the
many garden areas.

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Amy & Don | A Squamish Summer Backyard Wedding by Ryan Deasley

Amy and Don's wedding was held in the backyard of Amy's Grandparents' house, the same yard her parents were married in within a week of their anniversary. We started the day with a first look then went to a nearby forest to grab portraits before the ceremony. After saying "I do" we moved to the tents in the backyard for a night of wonderful speeches, food and dancing. 

Brittany & Wes | Surprise Stanley Park Session by Ryan Deasley

I first met Brittany and Wes when they stepped out of cab in Stanley Park, unsure of what to expect. A mutual friend of ours had set them up on a scavenger hunt around the city. Following a nice breakfast they were told to hop in a cab and head to the lighthouse at Stanley Park where I met them.
After explaining why they had been brought there I started photographing.

For a couple that at first said they weren't very comfortable around cameras, Wes and Brittany started to relax and just enjoy the time spent with each other on a beautiful Vancouver morning.
Starting at the lighthouse we snapped a few photos, before moving down the seawall and eventually into the nearby forest.