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Weddings are an exciting time in your life, and however you choose to spend your day, I'm in.
Maybe you want to go on your favourite hike and have a small intimate wedding. Or, you're having
a day spent with all of the important people in your life in a yard or hall. I want you to be able to look
back on the images from the day and remember how you felt in each moment.

Realizing that you’ve never actually tied a bowtie before.

The smile on his face when he sees you in your dress for the first time.

The tears as you vow to always stand beside each other.

And when you were saying hello to your guests, I got that photo of Aunt Carrie sneaking pastries into her handbag.  By having me spend the day with you, I can be there for all of your big moments as well as the small ones you didn’t even know happened. 

It takes you a large amount of trust to ask me to document your life, which is why I strive to provide a unique photography experience for each one of my couples. Outside of my standard packages, I encourage you to think above and beyond. Whether we go for a hike or a walk on the beach, I'll be there with my cameras ready.  You’re like no other couple and its my promise that your wedding photos will be anything but ordinary. 



Client Testimonials


Amy & Don
Wedding + Engagement

"We were so lucky to have Ryan as our wedding photographer; our pictures were beautiful, and he captured many wonderful candid moments. For two very camera-shy people, he made sure that we were comfortable and relaxed with every step of the process."


Mac and Torrie

"Hiring Ryan for our wedding turned out to be a great choice. On top of the beautiful pictures which we couldn't be happier with, Ryan worked diligently instructing guests and making the whole process smooth and seamless. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a photographer on their big day."


Britt and Wes

"A photography session with Ryan was set up for us as an engagement gift. Never having been part of a photography shoot before we were a little uncomfortable at first, but Ryan was so amazing and had us in our own element in no time. Ryan has the ability to capture genuine emotion and personality in his photos, and has a unique and striking style, that cannot be taught or learned, but is something that can only come naturally. Our photos turned out so stunning and we are constantly being complimented on them. Since this surprise shoot we have commissioned Ryan to do our wedding photography and we couldn’t be more excited! "